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Live at LickLibrary!

I was asked by Stuart Bull to appear in an interview and performance on his new Guitar TV show ‘ The Electric Guitar Show’. Here is a clip from my performance, you can find more info about the show in the description!

Tom Quayle kindly lent me his Laney Lionheart Rig for the performance. The session band were amazing, they learnt my song there and then! It was great. Enjoy!


Hello all!

Its been a while. I have currently just finished 3 new LickLibrary DVD’s and I have been recording lots of Acoustic Guitar for a very special Singer. Acoustic guitar is really fun! Its deceptively difficult but I am learning a lot!

I am currently doing Skype lessons and I have just uploaded two new fantastic lesson downloads to the lesson download section of this website. 12 Terrifying Tapping Licks and Picking Power. Check them out now!

For other updates find me on instagram!

New Tune & New Lessons

Hello! I have been hard at work on two things lately. A new Instructional Guitar Download that you can check out in my ‘Lesson Downloads’ section of this website. It is an hour long video where I break down all my Alternate Picking Secrets, you can check out some lesson samples in this video:

I have also just finished a new instrumental tune called ‘Function’ check it out here:


Hello All!

I have a new DVD out with LickLibrary ‘Learn to Play Paganini’s 16th Caprice’ it was a very challenging piece to learn, perform and teach. I love it! Check out the trailer in my ‘LickLibrary DVD’s section of this website:
Paganini 16th




I also have a brand new series of columns with Guitar interactive Magazine where I teach the basics of rock improvisation which you can WATCH HERE I hopefully make basic theory  easier for beginners and intermediate players who haven’t improvised much before to understand.


In other news the brand new MASK OF JUDAS album is sounding AMAZING! We are almost done with tracking, all that remains is to edit, mix, master, design artwork, put PR together, arrange a few tours (more about this very soon!) and get it out there right into your ears! Here is a shot of us at UK TECH FEST 2015 🙂11707771_999420120102130_2134912016652410529_o

At UK TECH FEST I managed to meet up and jam with a whole host of amazing guitarists. Jakub Zytecki lent me his rig to use whilst jamming with Sithu Aye, Plini, Richie Allan and Mike Malyan. I also bumped into my local friend Benjamin Ellis from Bloodshot Dawn, we had a jam the following week!

plini richie





Learn to Play Paganini’s 16th Caprice



Hello World!

I have been out of touch with the website recently! I have been super busy! (which is a good thing!) I have been recording the Guitars for the debut Mask of Judas album, putting together more DVD’s with LickLibrary, doing a TV show with LickLibrary, and much much more! I have also spent a lot of time in Thailand recently, which was amazing, the food, people and atmosphere are incredible!

I have nothing major to share with you guys and girls just yet, as a lot of it is still in the pipeline. A month or so back I completed my ‘Learn to Play Paganini’s 16th Caprice’ DVD, which for some reason still hasn’t been released by LL yet, but keep an eye out, it was a really challenging bit of music to learn and perform, let alone teach!

As I write this post, it is the start of the ‘Summer Holidays’ which means I am not teaching in schools for the next month, so if you are interested in skype lessons, please get in touch ASAP, the time for lessons is NOW! 🙂

I can’t think of much else to write here, but I am sure things will come up soon as projects that I have been working on start to wrap up!

See you soon!


Guitar Clinic – May 21st Chichester College

Guitar Clinic at The Live Lounge, Chichester Collage. I will be playing various compositions on my 6, 7 and 8 string guitars whilst talking about technique, approach to songwriting, and much more.

Tickets available through the Music Department or through:


 Facebook Event Page:

Guitar Clinic at The Live Lounge, Chichester Collage. I will be playing various compositions on my 6, 7 and 8 string guitars whilst talking about technique, approach to songwriting, and much more. I Tickets available through Music Department or through:

Guitar Clinic at The Live Lounge, Chichester Collage. I will be playing various compositions on my 6, 7 and 8 string guitars whilst talking about technique, approach to songwriting, and much more. I
Tickets available through Music Department or through:

New Track! ‘Electric Professor’

Electric Professor Sam Bell Guitar





I have a brand new Guitar Instrumental Track! You can download the track, the backing track and get a PDF TAB here:

Written and Performed by Sam Bell

Mixed by Miguel Batalha

Transcription by April Cox

Meeting Paul Gilbert!

paul gilbert

Recently I went to a Paul Gilbert Masterclass. This isn’t the first time I have seen or met Paul, I am a big fan of his playing and his teaching! But this time I had a little mission! I decided to take my ‘Learn to Play Paul Gilbert’ Lick Library DVD down to the Masterclass to give to Paul as a gift (not that he needs it!) but more of a gesture/token of my appreciation of his inspiration to my playing over the years!



I gave him the DVD and he seemed happy to see it, he had a big line of people waiting for him to have photos taken/get stuff signed, I didn’t wish to take up to much of his time. I hope he checks it out some day.

Here is a photo of him signing my Ibanez RG2550Z, can you see my LickLibrary DVD in the background! 🙂





signing guitar

Paul is obviously a busy guy and meets thousands of guitarists every year through his clinics and shows. But I did get a chance to Jam with him back in 2009! It was really fun, we traded riffs and he showed me and my friends some cool guitar stuff! He wrote on the back of my Intense Rock Complete DVD, I have this framed in my hallway now, and every time I get musically frustrated with my playing or writing I remind myself of that jam!

Paul Gilbert!

March Update!

Live shot from the recent Mask of Judas March 2015 tour photography

The recent Mask of Judas tour with Valis Ablaze and Taken by the Tide was a complete success! Great crows, great bands and great people! I met loads of new friends who had found Mask of Judas through my work with LickLibrary, my YouTube channel and Ibanez/Laney demos that I have done.  It really means a lot when someone enjoys what I do, so to those who came down to a show, thank you so much! 🙂

In other news, I have recently been handed a copy of the exceptionally tallented Tomaz Andzejewski’s album ‘Universum’. I was lucky enough to have him ask me to do a guest solo on the track ‘Boogie Boo’. Its an honor to be part of this amazing album, some of the other guest musicians are some of my heros: Marco Sfogli, Feodor Dosumov, Brett Garsed and Alex Argento. There’s a whole host of other amazing musicians on this album, this is a must for any instrumental guitar fan!




Over the next two months my band Mask of Judas is hitting the studio to record our Debut album, I am really excited about getting this monster recorded. It has taken ALOT of work and I am excited to get these songs out! We shall be playing these songs at UK Tech Metal festival this year! Come down, its going to be great!

I also have a whole host of work coming up with LickLibrary, I am currently learning some Paganini, which is providing a great technical challenge for me, more info soon!