Chop Pizza 2 and 5,000 Subscribers!

I have just released my second collaboration with Jake Guy!

Check out Jake’s YouTube Channel here!

I would also like to mention that my YouTube channel has just reached over 5,000 subscribers! I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed so far and checked out my videos. Your support means a hell of a lot and keeps me inspired and motivated to bring you bigger and better material! THANK YOU!

‘Seven String Secrets’ NEW DVD!

My first DVD with the legendary Lick Library is out today! More info below! Learn the secrets on how to play 7 String guitar with Sam Bell! Includes lessons, TAB and jam tracks. Download the Digital version of this DVD today here: Or if you’d rather wait for DVD Pre Order your copy online here:

This DVD is available to Stream with our Ultimate Membership option! Find out how you can stream over 100 DVDs online with Licklibrary here:

In this exciting DVD Sam Bell unlocks the mystery of 7 string guitars, looking at what extended range can offer in terms of notes, and also convenience when higher on the neck.

Sam walks you through scale fingerings and arpeggios and how these fit across the neck with an extra string, giving you tips on visualization so you can get them under your fingers quickly.

There are also three exclusive compositions featuring a variety of techniques to show the creative potential offered by extended range. From complex chords and arpeggios to legato, tapping and slap guitar, if you want to get creative, this DVD is for you!

GRAVITY new Mask of Judas single OUT NOW!

Finally after lots of hard work our new single is available on our bandcamp page!

Mask of Judas’s long awaited single Gravity which is available for free download from our bandcamp page:…

Recorded by Steve Von Power at Wholetone Audio

Cover artwork by

Mask of Judas have just returned from a busy summer of shows and touring. And now they plan on locking themselves in a dark room over the winter as they work on a finishing a brand new album. The album writing is going strong with half the material already written. The band plans to record in early 2015. In the mean time you can catch up with studio updates and much more on Mask of Judas’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Pages!

New Mask of Judas Single!

The much awaited brand new Mask of Judas single GRAVITY will be available THIS WEDNESDAY (1st Oct)

Many thanks to Metal Melancholy for the Artwork. MM will be premièring the new single on their website at 7pm (GMT) on Wednesday evening.

Gravity Cover Photo

Electric Live with Ibanez/Laney and more!

Hello Internet People! Here is an update of what I have been up to recently. Before I go in with the main stuff I would like to mention that the NEW Mask of Judas single will be out tantalisingly soon!

First of all. A couple of weekends ago I was at the London Acoustic Guitar show on the Electric floor demoing guitars for Ibanez and amps for Laney. I met and saw a lot of amazing musicians, it was a fantastic day! Here is me playing on one of the Premium Steve Vai models of guitar. I love it!



Mask of Judas have their last gig OF THIS YEAR on Friday in Hastings at The Carlisle. This is our last outing for a little while as we are hibernating to get the rest of the new material written and ready to record for the album!

Hastings Show Poster



I have also recently over the last two weeks completed TWO videos going through my home recording set up and guitars. This is something I have quite a few questions about, so I hope it answers some of those!



On top of that I have been very busy putting together some new columns for Guitar Interactive Magazine, my Jam With Sam DVD is nearing completion and I have an exciting new collaboration with Jake Guy on the horizon.  Oh! And the new Mask of Judas single will be out VERY SOON!


Hello all! I have just got back from tour with my band Mask of Judas! We had some great shows and we met some great people including the amazing Taken by the Tide folks who we toured with!

Tour Picture

Along the way we met loads of really cool people, one person turned out to be one of my favourite guitarists who I have been talking to and trading ideas with since the MySpace days, we have even collaborated on one tune but we have never met until he came to our Swansea show. None other than the amazing Jake Guy!


We are working on a new tune together which should be ready in the not to distant future. But until then if you haven’t seen our last one, then see it now!

In other news Mask of Judas are very close to releasing our new single!


Here is a guest solo that I did for my friend Matthew Fearnley‘s project! The Traveller The Debut Album will be out very soon, be sure to check it out! I really enjoyed putting this solo together and I hope you enjoy it too!

Dom Meakins kindly asked me to drop some guitar on his new tune ‘The Rocker’ it features some tasty beats and probably one of the longest ‘improv’ legato solo’s I have done in a while! Good fun stuff!

Also last but not least! Its my Birthday next Monday! So yeah! 🙂

Ibanez Demo’s/LickLibrary/Tour and more!

I have been very busy over the last few weeks. I have been spending time playing some shows with Mask of Judas in preparation for the August tour, spending time at the Ibanez and Laney HQ and working on some new material with LickLibrary!


Reece and I trying out the RG9

Here is Reece and I trying to get our minds around the new Ibanez RG9 string! I did some demo videos for them whilst I was at the UK Ibanez HQ.  Here is a demo of one of the 8 string Iron Labels:

I did get a chance to demo the RG9, however I only had a few moments with it before shooting the video demo. I have to say that I was not very prepared but it was an honour to try one out, there is huge potential on the 9 string and I am looking forward to hearing what people do with it! Ibanez UK will be uploading some more video demo’s of other awesome 6 string instruments over the coming week. Keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook and YouTube Channel!


I headed into LickLibrary HQ last Friday to film a new DVD. I can’t say much about it just yet, but I think fans of seven string guitar or people new to 7 string will really enjoy it. I can’t wait for it to come out! Here I am warming up at LickLibrary HQ

On top of this I was given a copy of my FIRST DVD “Jam with Sam Bell”. I have watched through and I am really proud of what LickLibrary and myself came up with. I can’t wait for everyone to check it out. It will be out soon! Updates to come!


Just a reminder that my band MASK OF JUDAS are on TOUR this month. Some of the venues in the city’s have changed so be sure to check out our Facebook page for updates and further info!

Tour poster

More updates, new news and HD lessons coming soon!

If you have any questions head to:

Tech Fest Workshops/Mask of Judas UK TOUR

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks! I have been busy with the Tommy Musical which went amazingly and Mask of Judas headed up to Scotland for the amazing Les-Fest which was really fun, as you can see I had a blast.

Mask of judas (29 of 1)


Whilst Mask of Judas are working on a new album and a fresh set of new material which I am really excited about we wont be playing the amazing Tech Fest this year. HOWEVER! I shall be holding a Guitar Master Class on the Friday at 1pm on the Double Slit Stage, I will be playing a whole host of new tunes, talking about my approach to technique and writing and taking lots of questions. So if you are planning on going to Tech Fest, come along to the class!

I also have the honour of doing some guest guitar work in Derek Blakley’s  (Eumeria/Hajis Kitchen) bass workshop, which is awesome as I love the music of both bands, Derek is a beast of a bass player, his workshop takes place on the same stage on the Saturday at 1pm

I will also be partaking in the SUPER JAM which happens on the Saturday at 1:30am, which will be awesome, I will be jamming with a whole host of the words most amazing up and coming musicians, it will be a blast!

tech fest workshops


Mask of Judas will be hitting the road in August with Taken by the Tide. Are we coming anywhere near you!?

Tour poster

Hope to see you on the road soon!


Chichester College Master Class!

The college that I walked into 8 years ago with only 3 chords to my name asked me to do a guitar master class at one of their music festivals recently, it was a huge honour. This is the first ever master class I have ever done. I think at least 80% of the audience I was playing to were not musicians, so I had to cater for people who possibly didn’t know the ins and outs of music, so it was a great challenge to keep it interesting, I had to keep things very open ended!

In this master class I play through some of my songs, I talk about some of my approaches to writing the music I play. I apologize for any mistakes, bloopers, moments where I seem lost! This is un-edited, live, in the moment stuff.

I wanted to share this video with my subscribers. I hope whoever watches this gets something out of it, it was great fun and I hope to do more things like this in the near future. I would like to say a huge thank you Chichester College and all the amazing tutors who help aspiring students reach their dreams.

Click Link Below to see the 40 minute un-edited clip from the master class!

Chichester College Master Class <

GAK Laney Clinic and New Shows


I shall be holding an 7 and 8 string guitar master class at GAK in Brighton next Thursday (5th June) be sure to reserve a ticket by emailing

Warm up 2   warm up 1

Along with playing Mammothfest on the 30th August my band Mask of Judas are headlining two warm up shows, the first being at BAR42 Worthing on August 9th and the second being at Buskers Bar in Eastbourne on 29th July.


On Friday the 13th of June Mask of Judas shall be playing with the awesome Beneath Dead Waves, Sumer and Darkeye at SURYA in London

felix martin

 On the 5th of July Mask of Judas are supporting some huge names in the progressive metal community. Felix Martin 14 string guitarist and Disperse (featuring Jakub Zytecki) Alongise Aeolist and Brighton Prog rockers Stone Circle at The Unicorn in London.

Arsafes Ratocracy June 2014

I am also proud to announce that I shall be guesting on the new Arsafe album ‘Ratocracy’ which releases 1st of June 2014!