Here are some of the tools of the trade that I regularly use. I am happy to be part of the Eternal Guitars and Hot Rod Pickups team. I also endorse D’addario & Planet Waves Strings and Accessories.

Far Left: Ariel. My first Eternal Guitar, this guitar converted me back to my old s-type playing days. This guitar is very classic, featuring 3 low output single coils, hand wound by Eternal Guitars/Hot Rod Pickups. This guitar features a classic radius neck and a tremel-no for when I want to down tune during a show.

Middle: Aurora. My latest build from Eternal Guitars, this is a T-Type with modern body sculpting around the back, this guitar features a compound radius neck, T-90 in the bridge and classic PAF style pickup in the neck (again, hand wound by Eternal Guitars) This guitar also features Lumonecent Inlays above the neck so I can see in dark stage environments!

Far Right: Arista. My first custom build from Eternal Guitars. Steel frets, compound radius, PAF style in the Bridge, two low output super transparent sounding single coils in middle and neck position.  This also has florescent inlays above the neck and features a callaham bridge and tremel-no for down tuning during gigs.

These guitars sound out of this world, play like dreams and make me sound like I know what I am doing! I love them to bits, go check out Eternal Guitars on Facebook and their website for more information:




I have two main amps for different playing situations.

Above is my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (mark 3) a great all round amp, but really this amp has an amazing clean sound with incredible reverb. I have modified it ever so slightly with a Vintage 30 speaker, I don’t really use the drive channel, I often use a pedal for drive with this amp. Its very loud and quite portable!

Below is my Laney GH50. Laney were kind enough to send me this amp when it came out. Its a very loud 50 watts amp, the drive channel is beefy as hell! It has all the aggression I need for rock/hard rock styles. I have taken out one of the vintage 30 speakers and replaced it with a G12M, giving this amp a great mid range spread with a tight low end.  Definitely a better option than using a 4×12 and 100 watt head at a rock gig for me!

My most recent addition to my gear is this amazing Line 6 Helix LT. A lot of the work I do now involves large stage production and different venues with high quality front of house speakers in very large venues. Often having an amp isn’t the most viable option in these circumstances where there are lots of other things going on musically. I use this Helix LT direct into the front of house with my Shure SE425 in ear monitors. Using Impulse Responses (Gods Cab/Free!) makes this unit sound incredible, I am really happy with it, it keeps on giving and I find out more about it every day. I am also using a Line 6 G50 Relay which belongs to my friend Jon Perry who kindly lent it me for this current run of gigs! I am also using this pedal as a replacement for my regular pedal board in certain situations, its super versatile, I love it!

And finally my analogue pedal board. Jim Dunlop Mini Wah, Eletro-Harmonix Electric Mistress (Flange), Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe Drive, Ego Compressor (Wampler), Providence Anadime Chorus, Wampler Tape Echo and TC electronic Poly Tune. This is all powered by a Voodoo Labs power unit. This is all loaded onto a Pedaltrain board which fits them nicely into this portable board which sounds amazing! This board comes out at functions and jam band based recordings. I love being able to tweak the pedals in real time whilst playing for the more psychedelic and fusion based stuff that I do. These pedals are more than I need, I love them! Its nice to switch up the gear sometimes!

There is plenty more gear that I use in the studio and also for the heavier styles of music that I play with Mask of Judas, I will be documenting this gear on my next rehearsal with the band.