Lessons, Columns & DVD’s

I offer 1 to 1 lessons on Skype. For this you need Skype, Paypal and a Webcam.

Lessons are £40 each and last up to an hour.

Get in touch to book your lesson:

A list of  Guitar Lesson Columns I have written.
Shredding with Bebop Ideas (Premier Guitar)
Syncopated Lines (Premier Guitar)
2-1-2 Hybrid Picking Lines (Premier Guitar)
Guthrie Govan ‘Erotic Cakes’ Special Album feature (Premier Guitar)
I do a lot of work for Guitar Interactive Magazine, I have had lots of lesson columns, Artist Technique Sessions and Interviews in this magazine so far. I am always working on new columns with both Premier Guitar and Guitar Interactive.
You can check out back issues here in order to access these columns:
Issue 40 through to 45 – ‘Extreme Shred Technique Column’ (with video!)
Issue 34 through to 39 ‘Rock Guitar Improvisation’
Issue 19 through to 33 ‘Extended Range Guitar Technique’
Tech Sessions:
Tosin Abasi  – Issue 19
Mark Tremonti  – Issue 22
Steve Vai  – Issue 23
Jeff Loomis – Issue 26
Paul Gilbert – Issue 38\

I have have released 9 Guitar Instructional DVD’s for LickLibrary. I am currently working on new releases for 2017. Click picture below to check out previews for these releases.

I have also done columns for  Italian Guitar Website Accordo.it. If you are using Chrome you can translate to your language, lessons include video/tab
‘How to play 8 string’
‘Middle section of my song ‘Gravity’ inspired by Daft Punk’
Legato Lick and Practice Techniques
Here are 8 (and counting) wild and free licks that I contributed to my ‘Wild Stringdom’ Section of the Guitar-Addiction Website




‘Mean It’
Sam Gendel’s Sax Solo w/Knower Transcription:

Watch my performance here: