Sam Bell Signature Pick by Hawk Picks:

Hawk Picks reduce the gap between me and the guitar sonically, dynamically and technically. They enable me to be me, that’s all I could ask for in a Pick! Pure musical expression in tone and comfort” – Sam Bell

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20 Fresh Legato Licks

This brilliant download tutorial features 20 Fresh Legato Licks from my own unique Legato playing style. This package includes a 45 minute video tutorial with performances and break downs of each lick, PDF Transcription with extra details, Guitar Pro TAB and 3 Backing Tracks for you to practice my legato concepts along to. This unique take on a 20 licks package gives you the chance to look inside my mind when it comes to creating these textual and expressive legato phrases.

  • 45 Minute 1080p MP4 Lesson Video
  • 20 Fresh Legato Licks
  • PDF Tab Book with Detailed Forward Section
  • Guitar Pro 7 Tab
  • 3 mp3 Backing Tracks
  • 1.2 GB Download
  • $20

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12 Terrifying Tapping Licks (2015)

In this brilliant download tutorial filmed back in 2015, Sam shows some of his favourite tapping licks which showcase a range of different concepts he uses to come up with his terrifying tapping lines. All 12 licks are performed fast and slow with a PDF/Guitar Pro tab for accompaniment.

Each lick provides its own wealth of useful sequences, tricks and ideas in order to take your tapping to the next level. If that wasn’t enough Sam also provides a detailed section on practising these Terrifying Tapping lines, with detailed tips on hammer on’s, muting, tapping technique, practice ideas and much more! A MUST for the aspiring shredder and tapping fanatic.

  • 25 Minuite 720p WMV Video –
  • Guitar Pro/ PDF Tab –
  • 12 Terrifying Tapping Licks-
  • Detailed Practice and Technique Ideas –
  • 1 GB download/RAR file
  • $12/£8.80


Watch the Lesson preview here

Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios
(LickLibrary DVD/Download Course)
In this tutorial, Sam Bell breaks down in detail a practical approach to playing colourful extended arpeggios across the neck of the guitar using tapping technique. Throughout the lessons in this course, Sam demonstrates various practical examples integrating pentatonics, seventh arpeggios, technique, left & right-hand muting, and the theoretical approach behind these ideas.

There are also two tapping études included for you to practice encompassing Sam’s unique approach to applying these creative tapping ideas compositionally and within improvisation. Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios for Guitar also comes with detailed TAB as well as custom backing tracks for each example included.

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7 String Secrets
(LickLibrary DVD/Download)

In this exciting DVD Sam Bell unlocks the mystery of 7 string guitars, looking at what extended range can offer in terms of notes, and also convenience when higher on the neck. Sam walks you through scale fingerings and arpeggios and how these fit across the neck with an extra string, giving you tips on visualisation so you can get them under your fingers quickly. There are also three exclusive compositions featuring a variety of techniques to show the creative potential offered by extended range. From complex chords and arpeggios to legato, tapping and slap guitar, if you want to get creative, this DVD is for you!

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Hybrid Picking 7th Arpeggios

Try out this awesome Hybrid Picking sequence that uses some colourful 7th and 9th arpeggios. A very detailed transcription of this etude is included in this free download package. Showing the details of all my pick strokes, hammer on’s and Hybrid Technique . I have also included the backing track that I made for this example in the download for you to practice along to! Enjoy!

  • Original Video
  • Guitar Pro 6 and 7 TAB
  • Backing Track