Gigs, Gigs, more Gigs and an awesome new Guitar!

I am currently recovering from a long couple of weeks of gigs for Viva Production shows Freddie, Beat Street and Soul Town with Lloyd Wade. I also played a show with the awesome Decades of Rock which featured some stunning musicians I have worked with in the past, recently and some never before! I feel so fortunate that at the moment that I get a chance to make a living from playing live music, I am humbled by the amazing musicians I get the honour of working with regularly and I really enjoy playing all manner of different styles of music within these jobs. I really believe its the people you surround yourself regularly with that can influence your direction and development as a musician and as a person. I would say I am more inspired, motivated and challenged by the people I am surrounded with now than ever before. Practising your instrument is important, but playing with people is where the magic happens!

Amongst the Viva Production shows that I am taking part in this month, I have a couple of gigs coming up!Mask of Judas are playing in Bristol, UK on the 24th of June headlining ‘Bristech’ Festival at The Gryphon alongside our friends Core of Io and Taken By The Tide. There are also a whole host of amazing bands on the bill who I haven’t heard of before, but I will be checking out! I also highly encourage you to check out Mask of Judas on Facebook over the next few months as we are slowly getting around to releasing our debut album!

On the 23rd of June I am playing with Rachel and the Remedies in Worthing UK, follow Rachel here for updates  I am also playing a private function with Lloyd Wades Soul Band in Goodwood at some point this month, which is an honour!


In other news, I have a new Guitar! The AMAZING Eternal Guitars have made this incredible T-Type guitar, this guitar features a compound radius fingerboard, huge frets, Luminlay side dots, 5-way switch for all sorts of cool and usable tones and worn in lacquer on the neck to match the feel of the body. I am fairly new to playing T-style guitars, but I am enjoying it so far! Definitely brings out a different side of me! Videos coming soon! Be sure to check out Eternal Guitars on Facebook!

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