April: Board or Bin, Nick Johnston, Instagram, BOSS Pedals, Guitar Breaks!

Time moves so quickly when you’re having fun. Again its been a while since the last update because I’ve been so busy. I understand new visitors to this site might think I am not doing much in between updates, but its quite the opposite (fortunately!) I am always posting updates to my INSTAGRAM  So if it looks quiet here, or there hasn’t appears to be an update, its because I am either in a Studio, On Stage, Lecturing or in a Van/Service Station!

Board or Bin:

Sam Bell and Bruce Dickinson from Board or Bin at Small Pond Studios Brighton

Perhaps one of the MAIN updates I have for you is that i’m part of a new YOUTUBE series in association with Waterbear.  

This series features myself and Waterbear (BIMM, ACM) founder Bruce John Dickinson deciding which pedals of similar times should stay on the Pedalboard of DOOM. Its really fun, there are more episodes to come. Here’s what we have so far:

Episode 5: Phaser/Flanger
Episode 4: Graphic Fuzz
Episode 3: Talk Boxes
Episode 2: Fuzz
Episode 1: Victory Overdrives


Nick Johnston Tech Session with Guitar Interactive Magazine:

I had the pleasure of putting together one of Guitar Interactive Magazines latest Tech Sessions in the style of my buddy Nick Johnston. You can check that out for FREE here:


BOSS Demo:

I can’t say much, but I went to this amazing place and did some videos for BOSS Pedals, watch this space! I am happy to be using the BOSS GT 1000 for a lot of the session work I’m doing.


Guitar Breaks June 2019 with Paul Sayer and Chris Buck

Sam Bell, Chris Buck and Paul Sayer at Guitar Breaks Brighton 2019

Looking forward to teaching for Guitar Breaks in Brighton again this June 20th -23rd alongside the amazing Chris Buck (Total Guitar Magazine Best Guitarist 2017!)  and Paul Sayer (The Temperance Movement!)

You can sign up here! https://www.guitar-breaks.com/


In Summary:

That about rounds it up (from memory! I feel like I’ve missed stuff out…I hope not though, and if I have i’m very sorry!) My calendar is filling up this year, I love my job of Music and Guitar.   If its Lecturing at Waterbear teaching my Guitar Course, playing production shows/weddings, making videos with Lick Library, Andertons, Guitar Interactive Magazine, creating music for projects and lessons. As long as I have a Guitar in my hands and I am surrounded by inspiring people, I am happy!

Please be sure to check out my Instagram Page for more current updates.


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