April: Web Lessons, Columns, DVD and Mask of Judas

This month I have been working on some really cool features for Premier Guitar Magazine, filming a new LickLibrary DVD and I released a new download course ‘20 Fresh Legato Licks‘. All in between my regular gigs, Skype lessons and preparing for the MoJ Album release!


20 Fresh Legato Licks does exactly what it says it does on the can, it features 20 legato licks played over my own backing tracks which are included in the package. You get a 45 minute video lesson breaking down the concepts for each lick, plus Guitar Pro and PDF tab files with extra detailed information on each phrase. I am really happy with how this course has come out, I am getting a lot of great feedback from it. If you want to have a taster from the lesson, here is a lick taken from the course:


The Mask of Judas album release is getting even closer (May 11th!) and I am very excited for the release. We have been getting some awesome reviews and features in various magazines. Keep an eye out on Metal Hammer in the next month or so.  The Metal Musicians website Gear Gods featured my live playthrough performance of the song ‘Alive’ from the upcoming album on their website, you can read the article HERE

You can pre-order the Mask of Judas debut album ‘The Mesmerist’ by clicking ‘HERE’ below!



Whilst finalising 20 Fresh Legato Licks I was also at LickLibrary Head quarters filming my first DVD in over a year! The subject on this DVD will be my approach to tapping arpeggios. I break down my fretboard visualisation, tapping muting technique, various licks and a few musical examples that demonstrate how I use tapping in my improvisation and composition. The DVD will come with TAB and Backing tracks.


I have just finished putting together a feature on Steve Lukather’s playing and guitar arrangement on the Toto album ‘IV’ for Premier Guitar. I am not sure when it comes out, but I had so much fun putting the lesson together. It is a similar feature to the one I did on Guthrie Govan’s playing on his album Erotic Cakes where I created my own musical examples using approaches I have studied from the album hopefully to convey to the reader how they could approach making similar compositions or stylistic features of the musicians guitar playing.

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