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I have a new DVD out with LickLibrary ‘Learn to Play Paganini’s 16th Caprice’ it was a very challenging piece to learn, perform and teach. I love it! Check out the trailer in my ‘LickLibrary DVD’s section of this website:
Paganini 16th




I also have a brand new series of columns with Guitar interactive Magazine where I teach the basics of rock improvisation which you can WATCH HERE I hopefully make basic theory  easier for beginners and intermediate players who haven’t improvised much before to understand.


In other news the brand new MASK OF JUDAS album is sounding AMAZING! We are almost done with tracking, all that remains is to edit, mix, master, design artwork, put PR together, arrange a few tours (more about this very soon!) and get it out there right into your ears! Here is a shot of us at UK TECH FEST 2015 🙂11707771_999420120102130_2134912016652410529_o

At UK TECH FEST I managed to meet up and jam with a whole host of amazing guitarists. Jakub Zytecki lent me his rig to use whilst jamming with Sithu Aye, Plini, Richie Allan and Mike Malyan. I also bumped into my local friend Benjamin Ellis from Bloodshot Dawn, we had a jam the following week!

plini richie





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