2020 – Summary!

What a year. I hope everyone is still managing to keep healthy, safe and most importantly, sane. It’s been a good few months since I’ve updated this website, let me fill you in with what I’ve been up to since August 2020..

Starting with most recently, I’m putting the final pieces together for a new LickLibrary course on David Lee Roth’s incredible ‘eat em and smile’ album. Ibanez UK were very kind to lend me a Steve Vai signature ‘Pia’ guitar for the process. The course should be out by the middle of 2021, until then, here’s some practice clips!

Whilst on the subject of Ibanez, I also filmed a demo for the new RG565 Genesis (a re-issue of a classic 90’s Ibanez RG) I used my track ‘Resistance’. It seems to have gone down well, Ibanez have used it on their website as the official demo for the guitar.

In other news. I’m a very lucky Guitar Tutor to have had opportunity to ‘teach’ some absolutely brilliant up and coming guitar players & songwriters at WaterBear over the last couple of years. The term has been tough of course, but the improvements students have made in their own musicianship due to their own motivation, curiosity and passion for guitar in a tricky time has been nothing short of inspiring. Teaching goes both ways, its not a one way transaction. I’ve noticed my own attitudes, motivations and aspirations have been enriched through teaching, learning from their journeys has helped me learn more about myself I ways I alone couldn’t have imagined. That’s priceless and I’m forever thankful of the journey Guitar takes me. I’ve also become a student again as I’m studying a MA (Masters) at WaterBear, helping underline what I’ve done in my career so far and learning new skills and planning the next step!

On the subject of Education, there is a very cool project that WaterBear has set up with Andertons Music. I can’t say too much yet, but its educational and I get to talk to some of the industries top guitarists about their playing. Here’s a few of the first interviewees!

I always love jamming with Pete, he’s such a musical and expressive player. Its a masterclass every time. Rabea was super generous with his time, such an awesome sound and his writing is top class. I learnt a lot sitting down on camera with these guys. Whilst Rabea was with us, we did a quick clip for WaterBear on the future of the Music Industry.

I also hosted an online Masterclass with Rabea for the students at WaterBear, which you can watch in full here:

This year I filmed 2 LickLibrary courses, the first one was a Classic Album series on Rush’s Moving Pictures album. The 2nd Course was 10 Killer Pop Solo’s, that came out recently and is available at LickLibrary.com

And all the way back in August I had the pleasure between lockdown’s to safely travel to Germany for 42 Gear Street Two, which was an awesome event where I got to test some amazing gear, collaborate with some world class musicians and generally have a great time. Here’s a clip I did with the amazing Jack Gardiner.

You can find more videos from the event by searching for the hashtag #42gstwo

I also had the pleasure of trying out some new Pick Up’s from local Guitar Builders Eternal Guitars. This is a PAF like no other, killer clarity! I teamed up with some fantastic local guitar players (Chris Cox, Lewis Harding & Alex Ward) and demo’ed them!

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, I feel very fortunate to still be able to pick up a guitar. We can all make the world better through being kind, using compassion, looking out for others and looking after ourselves.

Here’s to a better 2021, happy holidays, and a happy new year to all of you.

On a personal note, i won’t go into too much detail, but I feel I must at least reflect on this… In October my family lost my Grandad. He was forever supportive of my journey as a Musician and an Academic. He was a top Vet, Golfer, Father, Friend and Grandfather, he was many things, to many people. A very pragmatic, stoic, intelligent and loving soul with a killer dry sense of humour. He is greatly missed, I am very lucky to know him and so is my Family. Our relationships still continue and develop after death, just not in the way we’re familiar with. He’s home now, rest well Andrew Ridgeway.

July 2020 Update: Rush ‘Moving Pictures’, LickLibrary Transcribing (Tabs) & Pop Solos Course + More!

Hey! I hope everyone is well and hanging in there at the moment. The last few months have been a time warp for many of us. Just wanted to put a quick update on the website.

First of all I’ve had a re-jig of my website & socials courtesy of my new ‘promo’ photo’s done by my good friend Liam Young. Its been a while since I’ve had some up to date photo’s done, Liam’s a lovely guy, he’s done an amazing job. check out his stuff HERE: instagram.com/low_lyt

Liam Young Photography 2020

Last month LickLibrary released my latest lesson course breaking down all the tracks on RUSH ‘Moving Pictures’ album. It was a total roast learning and teaching this course, Alex Lifeson is an incredible part writer and guitarist. I had a lot of fun putting together this course! Check it out here:

Talking of LickLibrary, I’m currently writing a new course on ‘Classic Pop Solos’ where I’m going to break down some awesome 80’s & early 90’s Rock/Pop Guitar solos. Some of these solos I should have learnt many years ago because they are amazing. Watch this space for now, its going to be a great course!

Perhaps what’s taking up most of my time at the moment is the huge task of Transcribing (TABBING) a huge bulk of LickLibrary’s Guitar Courses that don’t have TAB. Currently I’m going over the most popular courses that don’t have TAB. Currently I’ve completed Danny Gill’s amazing Absolute Beginner Series and Guitar Aerobics Series. I’ve learnt a lot myself from transcribing these great titles. This weekend I finished up Andy James’s Shred Concepts Course, and I’m about to tackle his Metal Rhythm Courses. Plus there’s a ton of great Quick Licks to get through. I’m really enjoying it, its a lot of work, but I’m super grateful to have it! Plus I get to learn from some of the industry’s best guitarists on the job! I hope the TAB’s add to the LickLibrary experience of these great courses.

I’ve also been busy populating my Patreon page with new workouts! Go check it out

And that’s about it for now! Tomorrow I head to Guitar Interactive Magazine HQ to review some awesome Boss and Ibanez Gear! And I shall keep chipping away at the new LickLibrary courses and Tab’s.

Until then, take care out there and be here now!

Patreon, Lessons, Laney Mega Jam

I’m very fortunate that May has been fairly busy. Amongst the odd Skype Lesson, Guest Solo/Collaboration I’ve managed to find time to set up a Patreon Page, Film some new Lessons for YouTube and take part in a VERY cool Jam.

Laney Mega Jam with Tom Quayle, Hedras Ramos, Christophe Godin, Al Joseph, Lari Basilio, Jack Thammarat and Lee Wrate! (and me)

I’ve finally had the time to put together a Patreon page, if you’re interested in getting TABs, Diagrams, Backing Tracks, Behind the Scenes Glimpses and an insight into what I’m practising, come and join me there! There’s already a handful of lessons on there and much more to come!

Follow this link to find out more!

Mammoth lesson on a cool Frank Gambale line from 1987. Plus more! Check it out!
Get more from your Pentatonic Scales with these cool patterns
Lesson for Andertons Music
My Signature Pick

I’ve been getting great feedback from people on my Signature Guitar pick from Hawk Picks ( https://hawkpicks.co.uk/sam-bell-signature-pick/ ) I’m very proud of it, go check them out, available in all kinds of finishes!

Legato Phrasing Course

Also a Friendly reminder that my new course with Riff Axelerator is available for a discount price for a limited time! Check it out here:


Legato Phrasing Course

I’m excited to present my latest Lesson Course. Legato Phrasing. This time I’ve partnered up with Riff Axelerator to give you guys a truly unique and thorough learning experience. This is perfect for those who are fairly new to the Legato Technique.

In this pack I give you a stack of soloing ideas in this Legato Phrasing pack. First you will learn each lick seperately nice and slowly and in bite sized chunks. Then they are pieced together into individual phrases. Once you have learnt all 8 phrases, you then piece them together to fit over the backing progression. At the end we have three ‘milestone’ tempos to play the licks at so you can work out where your playing is at, and where you want it to go. See the video above for more information!

If you want to check out the course, its available here (along with a free lick from the course!)

Isolation & Inspiration

First of all, I sincerely hope everyone is safe and well both physically and mentally at the moment. We can all agree that this is a truly surreal situation to be in with the Virus. The best thing we can do is keep ourselves to ourselves in the real world, however that doesn’t stop us from developing our communities online, focusing on our own skills, our own health and well being in this time of introspection. Turn off the News, look after yourself and those around you. Remember you are physically here right now, stillness, feet on the floor. That’s all there is in this moment, the biggest decision you make in your life is the one you make right now. You’ve got this, once again I hope you’re all well and safe.

Many Musicians/Entertainers are Free-Lance/Self Employed. Due to the situation, like many others I have little to no income now, after this next week I’m out at sea without a paddle in a boat with a hole in it. We’re all doing what we can to make ends meet. Whilst the situation is tough and potentially life changing for many, it is forcing some Musicians to think out of the box in terms of how they deliver their skills to others in the hope of enriching those peoples lives in this tricky time.

If you follow a Musician, or in fact know anyone who works freelance in general, reach out and support them if you’re able. Grab an album or a lesson (or few!) If you’re not able to buy their services or donate, help spread their message via Social Media. Every little helps.

As I am Fortunate enough to have Guitar/Music as a ‘Job’ I must also mention In this time (and as always!) I offer 121 Skype Guitar Lessons/Mentoring or personalised video lessons, drop me a message on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sambellguitar/ or Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/sambellguitarist/ I have a fair amount of unique experience, I love music and I love helping people on their own paths.

You can also support me by checking out the SHOP on my Website or if you’re feeling super kind you can donate via this link:


Also, Keep an eye out on my YouTube/Facebook/Instagram as I’ll be do doing Livestreams of Lessons/Playthroughs and Q&A’s for those interested.

Take care in this time, pick up an instrument, read books, paint, exercise, mediate, learn more about yourself. Suffering can lead to Growth, Growth helps those who are Suffering. When we’re compassionate and working together, we can literally change the world for the better, no matter how small the steps we are taking.

January 2020, I’m still alive!

Shredding at LickLibrary!

Its been a mad few months, I’ve been busy lecturing as Head of Guitar for WaterBear in Brighton.
I’m honoured to have this unique opportunity. I’m so grateful the I have the chance to help others on their Joureny. I know I have far to go myself. Being a Musician and playing Guitar is a beautiful thing. I’m thankful that these students are letting me help find their own way on the instrument. And I’m excited to see them progress and build upon what they all have.

Teaching First Term of WaterBear Guitarists in Brighton

Whilst Lecturing at WaterBear, i’ve been busy at LickLibrary. Over the last 3 months I’ve completed two new lesson courses. The main one being by ‘Signature Styles’ DVD which breaks down one of my own tracks, I discuss my approach to arrangement and songwriting. The Second Course I completed in December which is titled ‘Classic Albums: Rush – Moving Pictures’ which is a track by track breakdown of the classic Rush album, this will be out in a few months from now.

You can find out more about my Signature styles course in the video below, follow links in video description to get your copy!

Signature Styles Lesson course Preview

I’m also excited to announce becoming a Alder and Ash Pedalboards Artist. Rich creates some truly stunning custom bespoke pedalboard’s here in the UK. Its an honour to have him build me my very own custom Journeyman board. Look at that joining! Mega Lush Mate! My photography doesn’t do it justice at all. Thanks Rich for having me on board!

Find out more about Alder and Ash Pedal boards on their website:

My custom built Journeyman Pedalboard from Alder and Ash Pedals
Look at the Joins!

I’ve got a special show coming up in February (23rd, The Concorde Southampton) with The Connell Brothers. A group of super, SUPER tasty musicians. I’ll be a guest for this gig, playing tunes from Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, the list goes on. Its an honour to be asked to do this kind of thing with such class musicians!

Here’s what the Connell Brothers have to say:

“The Connell Brothers with full band of top class session musicians have a spectacular display of artistry for you.

The brothers are privileged to have Sam Bell appear with them tonight. Sam is making a name for himself as one of the most versatile and proficient guitarists in the UK
He is a lecturer at ‘Waterbear’ in Brighton and a sought after session guitarist endorsed by Ibanez guitars and Laney amps.
He writes lesson columns online for ‘Premier Guitar’ and ‘Guitar Interactive’ magazines as well as a handful of instructional DVD’s with ‘LickLibrary’.

Rob Phillips is lead singer with the ‘Steely Dan’ tribute band ‘Steely Scam’. His versatile vocal gifting makes him the perfect choice for ‘The Connell Brothers’.

Violinist, Alkistis Stogianni, is from the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. She has just finished her Masters in Music at Southampton University. After her moving and thrilling debut appearance with the brothers they are delighted to present her again tonight.”

Connell Brothers Gig Poster, 23rd Feb, The Concorde Eastleigh, NR Southampton

And moving on from here, who know’s whats next! I plan on doing some more LickLibrary courses in 2020, more tuition at WaterBear, I’ve got a bunch of gigs coming up with various Functions bands and Mask of Judas. Watch this space and keep safe!

To finnish of, I just want to share this amazing new clip from Paul Gilbert and JHS Pedals. Paul is my hero, this is brilliant, I hope to check out this pedal at some point!

JULY 2019 has been Crazy!

BUSY! Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a while, I promise normal programming will be resumed soon! It’s all been good though, I’m very lucky to be busy! Here’s an update.

Recently I’ve completed a Musical Theatre Production, filmed a Mask of Judas play through for Ibanez UK on the new Axion range of Guitars, released a new Music Video with MOJ and completed a Weekend of shows around the UK. I’ve also been filming and writing a whole load of new review’s and columns for Guitar Interactive Magazine, which I’m looking forward to seeing in the magazine!
As I type this, I am preparing for some gigs, going back on a production show tour all in time for Radar Festival where Mask of Judas will be playing and I’ll be delivering a masterclass.

Later in August I’ll be putting together some more content for the WaterBear Onsite/Online Degree, this time focusing on Guitar Styles in time for the new cohort in September! I’m also filming a new DVD for LickLibrary breaking down my personal approach to improvisation and songwriting. I’ll also be writing some new Mask of Judas Material around this time.

Hawk Picks have recently sent me some prototype Signature Picks which I helped design. The picks are amazing, I’m really happy with how they have turned out, I hope to share more on this in the near future.

I’ve also been road testing some awesome new gear that BOSS kindly sent me, I’ve been meaning to get the content together, watch this space!

I’ve also just released a new Song with Focusrite in their latest advertising campaign for their Scarlet Interfaces (generation 3) I think I’ve pasted the link below! They did an artist profile on me too which you can watch on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Focusrite/videos/852376591806850/

Thank you everyone for the amazing support and patience! I appreciate and love you all. I’ve probably missed something, but I need to go to a rehearsal now, speak soon!

Mask of Judas Music Video for ‘Mesmerist’

New Song I wrote for Focusrite’s new Scarlet Interfaces

Guitar Breaks, WaterBear & Playlists!

What a Weekend! Friday night I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie Monkwhen he attended a Mask of Judas show, Laurie has been supporting up and coming Guitarists for decades! I first met him on Myspace over 10 years ago when I started releasing my own music. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him for the first time and hopefully not the last! What a dude!

I spent Saturday and Sunday teaching at Guitar Breaks alongside the super tasty Chris Buck. Lots of information was shared, the guests we’re brilliant! I love being part of Guitar Breaks, such a great vibe and everyone leaves having improved as musicians! A huge thank you to Ernie Ball and BOSS for supporting this weekend!

Sunday afternoon was spent celebrating WaterBear – The College of Music 1st Birthday with a big BBQ. It was great to catch up with the amazing team and everyone involved locally! The support this Music College gives is incredible. Feels exciting to be part of something so fresh and unique.

I’ve also spent some time organising my YouTube channel into Playlists so Lessons, Original Tunes etc are much easier to view! I’ll be doing more Lesson content soon!


June Update: Shows, Masterclasses, Videos and More!

Things have been busy! I’m teaching at Guitar Breaks on the 22nd and 23rd of June ( https://www.guitar-breaks.com/ ) I’ve also been busy with Guitar Interactive Magazine filming a whole host of Product Demos/Reviews. I released a playthrough of my Track ‘Resistance’ which you can find a link to below. My buddy Plini sent me his new Amp Software Plugin which sounds awesome, I threw together a quick demo which is also below!

I have lots coming up, lets see… Mask of Judas are playing all over the place over the next few months, you can find out more information about tickets/venues at:


15th June – Southend
21st June – Bristol
7th July – UK Tech Fest (I won’t be there, but Reece will be!)
12th July – Reading
13th July – Leeds
14th July – London
2nd August – Radar Festival (+ Masterclass from me TBA)
20th September – Derby
21st September – Leeds

Also, I just wanted to give a big shout out to Laney. These guys make an incredible amp known as the LionHeart. I use this amp all the time, I have the studio version and the Combo 2×12. Its amazing with pedals. I had the pleasure of reviewing the 1×12 version for Guitar Interactive. And I feel its important that people get to hear this amazing amp.

Somehow in between all of this madness I am writing new Mask of Judas and solo material, learning rhythm parts for my buddy Thom Pankhurst who is a fantastic Instrumental Guitarist and I am trying to condense down Guitar parts 1 and 2 of the Broadway Musical ‘Bring it On’ for an upcoming theatre run in Brighton! I love playing Guitar! I’m also practising as much as I can, but that’s an on going thing.

I will be (when I find time!) coming up with some more lesson courses for LickLibrary. However, until then, you can still get my latest release ‘Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios’ as a DVD or stream it from the LickLibrary website. Here’s a preview!

One last thing! I really enjoy transcribing my favourite musical moments from all kinds of recordings. I love Michael Brecker’s Sax Playing. This Sax break from Cameos tune ‘Candy’ has always made my hair stand up. Have a go yourself! My transcription is below the video!