Chichester College Master Class!

The college that I walked into 8 years ago with only 3 chords to my name asked me to do a guitar master class at one of their music festivals recently, it was a huge honour. This is the first ever master class I have ever done. I think at least 80% of the audience I was playing to were not musicians, so I had to cater for people who possibly didn’t know the ins and outs of music, so it was a great challenge to keep it interesting, I had to keep things very open ended!

In this master class I play through some of my songs, I talk about some of my approaches to writing the music I play. I apologize for any mistakes, bloopers, moments where I seem lost! This is un-edited, live, in the moment stuff.

I wanted to share this video with my subscribers. I hope whoever watches this gets something out of it, it was great fun and I hope to do more things like this in the near future. I would like to say a huge thank you Chichester College and all the amazing tutors who help aspiring students reach their dreams.

Click Link Below to see the 40 minute un-edited clip from the master class!

Chichester College Master Class <

GAK Laney Clinic and New Shows


I shall be holding an 7 and 8 string guitar master class at GAK in Brighton next Thursday (5th June) be sure to reserve a ticket by emailing

Warm up 2   warm up 1

Along with playing Mammothfest on the 30th August my band Mask of Judas are headlining two warm up shows, the first being at BAR42 Worthing on August 9th and the second being at Buskers Bar in Eastbourne on 29th July.


On Friday the 13th of June Mask of Judas shall be playing with the awesome Beneath Dead Waves, Sumer and Darkeye at SURYA in London

felix martin

 On the 5th of July Mask of Judas are supporting some huge names in the progressive metal community. Felix Martin 14 string guitarist and Disperse (featuring Jakub Zytecki) Alongise Aeolist and Brighton Prog rockers Stone Circle at The Unicorn in London.

Arsafes Ratocracy June 2014

I am also proud to announce that I shall be guesting on the new Arsafe album ‘Ratocracy’ which releases 1st of June 2014!



News Slice!

Hello all, here is a slice of fresh news for you!

Mask of Judas at a festival near you?

My band Mask of Judas will be playing Les-Fest in Scotland on June 27th-29th.

You can find tickets at

Les Fest Poster

We shall also be playing ‘Mammothfest’ in Brighton on the 30th August!
For more information Head over to:

Mammoth Fest Poster

Along with these two festivals we still have one festival to announce, a few extra shows and a tour coming up. Be sure to head over to and give us a ‘like’ to keep up to date with the latest gig and tour news!

Jeff Loomis Tech Session and Jeff and Keith Merrow interview!

I recently interviewed Jeff and Keith for Guitar Interactive Magazine on one of their Conquering Dystopia clinic tours of the UK . I also recorded a tech session in the style of Jeff Loomis that takes a deeper look into Jeff’s awesome and terrifying lead guitar style. I can’t wait to share it with you as it was an awesome experience! Keith and Jeff are monster guitarists and super nice dudes.

Be sure to check out for the FREE online magazine!

Sam Interviewing Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow for Guitar Interactive Magazine
Sam Interviewing Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow for Guitar Interactive Magazine

Guitar Clinics!

I shall also be holding several guitar workshop/clinics in June! If you are in the Chichester area I will be holding a guitar workshop for Chi Fest at Chichester College on the 7th June between 4 – 5pm where I will be playing some of my tunes and taking questions!


At a Theatre near you!?

On the 19th to the 21st of June I will be on stage at the Kings Theatre Portsmouth every night playing in the on stage band  for the CCADS production of The Who’s ‘Tommy’ featuring music written by The Who. Come down for a thrilling show, awesome music and see me give the whole Pete Townsend thing a go!

Book your tickets here:


Other cool stuff…

I do have some more clinics and shows to announce but nothing I can talk about just yet! I am currently working very hard on a special DVD for LickLibrary, but in the mean time  my ‘Jam with Sam Bell’ DVD is currently being put together and I shall be sharing more info on the release of this soon! I am currently moving into a new place, but once I am in I shall be working feverishly on a whole host of HD video lessons, backing tracks and free content. Until then please keep checking back here, be sure to find me on Facebook and Youtube via the links at the bottom of this site for more information. Take care!


Welcome to Sam Bell Guitar!

Hi all!

Welcome to my shiny new website. I shall be using this page as a hub for all of my upcoming videos, tours, lessons, HD video lesson downloads and plenty more!

Let’s get this website started with some fresh news!

The latest issue of Guitar Interactive Magazine is out now! Be sure to check it out to get a ton of awesome free lessons, reviews and interviews from players such as Andy James, Rick Graham and Tom Quayle! In this issue I am continuing my look at Extended Range guitar with a break down of a fun seven string riff from my song ‘Gravity’

Click below to view the magazine!

I also got interviewed by Laney for their free online ‘Just Play It’ magazine. I talk about the Laney IRT Studio, band goings on and much more!

Click below to view the magazine!

I also put together a free lick lesson for the magazine which you can check out on the Laney Amplification YouTube Channel!

Click below to view the Free Lick!
Laney Just Play It! Magazine Free Lick