What I am doing this December and what I have done and will be doing!

It’s been a while since I posted here, I have been a very busy with so many exciting projects and playing lots of different shows. Its been great! Aside from some of the things on the following list that I am up to, I am always working on new music, lessons and creating interesting musical content for my Instagram and YouTube. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Dan Holland who has done my recent photos for this website. He is exceptionally skilled at all things photo related. Go check out his work here:


Brighton Panto:

As I type this I am looking forward to a short holiday before I get back into the swing of things later this month with panto season I will be playing Guitar in Cinderella at the Hilton Hotel in Brighton from the 22nd – 28th of December. You can get your tickets here:

Freddie Mercury in Concert:

This New Years Eve in I will be playing with Dave Jerome as Freddie in Minehead at Butlins. I have been playing this show throughout the year and it has been amazing sharing the stage with such great people and musicians. This will be our final show of the year but we will be back!

Mask of Judas – Album Release Getting Close & Focusrite Feature.

I get a lot of questions on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook about if I still play 8 string and what is MoJ doing!? Well I can tell you that the album is drawing closer, we are looking at releasing early-ish next year. Until then, Focusrite published a video of me talking about 8 string guitar composition and tone whilst playing along to a pre-production mix of a track from the album. You can watch that here:

New Columns:

I have just started a new column series for Guitar Interactive Magazine on the art of rhythm guitar. In this series I hope to break down my approach to rhythm playing in many different styles and look at ways of practicing and increasing your rhythmic awareness. The first instalment of this series is in the latest issue of the Magazine, which is free and you can read online here:


My Solo Album:

Earlier this year I released two new short releases. The Earth Completes Another Rotation and Distant Lights. DL is now available to stream on Spotify, Itunes and Amazon as well as my Bandcamp page. I am currently working on a full release with some exceptional musicians helping add to the music and create an amazing sonic picture. Its in the early stages but I am very excited about how this is going to come out! Until then, you can get my previous releases here:

Interviewing Nick Johnston and Aaron Marshall (Intervals)

Last month I interviewed Nick and Aaron about their careers as instrumental guitarists releasing and touring instrumental music. It was a very inspiring interview and will be published in the next issue of Guitar Interactive Magazine…watch this space..

Next Year…

If two new albums next year and more columns aren’t enough to keep me busy, I will be gigging around the UK with the awesome Viva Productions and looking for more opportunities to improve and expand on what I do as a musician, guitarist and human. In early January I do my first European shows in Austria with brilliant singer songwriter Rachel Hawker, its my first time in a colder country and my first time playing outside of the UK! When I come back I will  be helping my band mates in putting the final touches on the Mask of Judas album release plan. Its on its way, I swear!!

Guitar Connoisseur Magazine and Quist:

In other news, keep an eye out on Quist’s youtube channel as we have recently collaborated on one of his amazing jam tracks and keep another eye out on Guitar Connoisseur magazine as they were kind enough to offer me a feature! I recorded a cool improvised solo over one of my tracks from the first E.P…can’t wait for you to hear it.

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