Electric Live with Ibanez/Laney and more!

Hello Internet People! Here is an update of what I have been up to recently. Before I go in with the main stuff I would like to mention that the NEW Mask of Judas single will be out tantalisingly soon!

First of all. A couple of weekends ago I was at the London Acoustic Guitar show on the Electric floor demoing guitars for Ibanez and amps for Laney. I met and saw a lot of amazing musicians, it was a fantastic day! Here is me playing on one of the Premium Steve Vai models of guitar. I love it!



Mask of Judas have their last gig OF THIS YEAR on Friday in Hastings at The Carlisle. This is our last outing for a little while as we are hibernating to get the rest of the new material written and ready to record for the album!

Hastings Show Poster



I have also recently over the last two weeks completed TWO videos going through my home recording set up and guitars. This is something I have quite a few questions about, so I hope it answers some of those!



On top of that I have been very busy putting together some new columns for Guitar Interactive Magazine, my Jam With Sam DVD is nearing completion and I have an exciting new collaboration with Jake Guy on the horizon.  Oh! And the new Mask of Judas single will be out VERY SOON!



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