February 2018: Viva Tour, Birmingham Guitar Show and Future Events

Viva Tour:

I have just got back from a tour with Viva Productions. I am a Guitarist on 3 of their main shows now, ‘Rocket Man’, ‘Beat Street’, and ‘Freddie’. Whilst I was on tour I was also filling in dates with the amazing Soul Singer/X-Factor Vocal coach Lloyd Wade. I had a great time with some amazing people. I really love being a sideman guitarist, playing for the songs and being part of something big! I get to play so many different styles in these shows, its always exciting.  I will be back on the road with the full tour in April/May time, but in between I will be doing shows with Lloyd and the Viva Freddie tribute.

Birmingham Guitar Show:

I was kindly invited by D’addario Strings to perform at their stand at the Birmingham Guitar Show on Sunday. I had a great time playing some of my tunes from my solo E.P’s. I had a great audience who seemed to stay for the whole demonstration, including Tom Quayle, David Beebee, Dan Smith from the Guitar Hour and my local friend Jess Lewis who did an amazing performance at the same stand after me.

After playing I got to meet a lot of people I had previously only known on Facebook. And they all turned out to be wonderful people and incredible musicians.  I won’t list here, if you are reading this, you know who you are, I appreciate you immensely! After walking around for a bit I ended up having an impromptu jam with Tom Quayle on the classic funky jam ‘The Chicken’ which was really fun!


I have a lot of different things going on in March time, I am doing some recording for the Lloyd Wade Soul Band, filming some new content for Guitar Interactive Magazine, doing a few masterclasses at local colleges, playing some Viva shows, and working on a new LickLibrary DVD that I hope to film in April. There is also stirrings in the Mask of Judas camp, as I write this update the PR campaign for the new album has started, which means the album is just around the corner!

Until then, here is a showreel of some live solos from 2017 and a sneeky clip from the Birmingham Guitar Show:

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