Hello all! Its been a long time since I last updated, I have been very busy, which isn’t a bad thing! Here are some cool things that have happened and will happen soon!

After 3 months of practice, hard work and only 2 days to film, teach and perform 5 Paul Gilbert songs. The LickLibrary ‘Learn to Play Paul Gilbert’ DVD is now available, check it out!

On Thursday the 19th of Feb I took part in a really cool Guitar Masterclass and Performance with some of the UK’s finest guitarists: Tom Quayle, Lewis Turner and Levi Clay. We talked about playing over changes, professional musicianship and tapping! At the end of the awesome day we jammed some Jazz, most of you will know I love Jazz Fusion, but I am more of a Rock player, but it was fun to play John Coltrane, John Schofield and Jaco Pastorius tunes. I even managed to get some Divebomb harmonics into the jam! Footage will arise soon!

Photo Credit:  Stephen Lafferty
Photo Credit:
Stephen Lafferty

I have been demoing and testing some great new gear from Laney Amplification. The Laney IRT Pulse. Check out more info here: http://www.laney.co.uk/news/introducing-the-irt-pulse

On the 2nd of March my band Mask of Judas hits the road around the UK with Valis Ablaze and Taken By The Tide, it would be great to see some faces!

Mask of Judas Tour

Once we are back from tour we will hit the studio to record our new album! Whilst doing that I have lots of great stuff coming up with Ibanez, Laney, LickLibrary, Guitar Interactive Magazine and maybe even my own solo album. Watch this space 🙂

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