Guitar Breaks, WaterBear & Playlists!

What a Weekend! Friday night I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie Monkwhen he attended a Mask of Judas show, Laurie has been supporting up and coming Guitarists for decades! I first met him on Myspace over 10 years ago when I started releasing my own music. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him for the first time and hopefully not the last! What a dude!

I spent Saturday and Sunday teaching at Guitar Breaks alongside the super tasty Chris Buck. Lots of information was shared, the guests we’re brilliant! I love being part of Guitar Breaks, such a great vibe and everyone leaves having improved as musicians! A huge thank you to Ernie Ball and BOSS for supporting this weekend!

Sunday afternoon was spent celebrating WaterBear – The College of Music 1st Birthday with a big BBQ. It was great to catch up with the amazing team and everyone involved locally! The support this Music College gives is incredible. Feels exciting to be part of something so fresh and unique.

I’ve also spent some time organising my YouTube channel into Playlists so Lessons, Original Tunes etc are much easier to view! I’ll be doing more Lesson content soon!

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