Happy New 2016!

Happy New Year!

I know it might be a few weeks late, however I have been super busy and luckily I still am. I have a few projects that I am working on, let me bring you up to date!

-New DVD’s-
I am currently working on a whole bunch of new Lick Library DVD’s. I am currently finishing up a new title called ’51 Shred Licks’ which as the name suggests, features 51 shred licks, however I have aimed to keep it as original as possible with some of my favourite shredding ideas! There is also talk of me doing a Buddy Holly and Megadeth DVD later this year. Lets see!

-Mask of Judas Debut Album-
Mask of Judas debut album is well under way, some more vocals to go down then it will be edited and sent of for mixing and mastering! I am very excited about this release as it has taken ages to put together, but its slowly but surely turning into something wonderful!

-Jake Guy and I Project-
My shred buddy Jake Guy and I are teaming up to do an instrumental guitar EP. We have already written a few structures of tunes and things are sounding great! Jake is a fantastic player with amazing ideas its an honour to be doing a project with him, I think this will be something special for sure!

-Solo Album!-
After meeting with Nick Johnston, we discussed albums and guitar stuff. He suggested that I should get my act together and get my first solo album out. Its something I have wanted to do for a long time, but projects/work always get in the way! However, I am now set up with a new recording system with Positive Grid Bias FX and EZ Drummer 2 which are making life MUCH MUCH more easier for recording. I hope to have something DONE by the end of the year! Even if its a 4/5 track release!

Aside from this I am teaching on Skype still, hit me up if you are interested in lessons! I am planning on getting back on my YouTube game. And I have some other awesome things coming up which I can’t really speak about yet but I will be sharing as soon as I can!

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