Happy New Year (February Update!)

I’ve been meaning to do update this for a while, but I’ve been so busy (which is good!) so to all of those reading, this is a massively belated Happy New Year (2019!) update. I brought the New Year in with some shows and plenty of loud guitar. I’ve been teaching tons of Skype Students, doing more gigs and rehearsals (with Mask of Judas and Freddie In Concert) Here are some highlights from December into late January, plus some things which are coming up!

Before I get stuck in! I’ll be at the Birmingham Guitar Show on Sunday (24th February) playing at the D’addario booth, I hope to see some of you there!

I’ve also done several new YouTube videos, my channel is slowly growing, you can check out the Channel and New Videos here:

Andertons Music Videos with Danish Pete!

I’ve visited Andertons Music a couple of times over the last two months to film Guitar Demos with the amazing Danish Pete. Its such an honour to go in, film some video, jam and talk Guitars. The Andertons team are truly a bunch of wonderful people. I’ve learnt a lot from jamming with Pete. Check out this video:


Waterbear Lecturing:

I’ve been teaching my Guitar Techniques Module Online and on site recently for Waterbear. Its such an awesome environment, the students are creative and motivated.

New Premier Guitar Column:

I’ve got a new lesson column with Premier Guitar Magazine available online now. In this lesson I take a look at how to be creative with basic diatonic Triads from the Major Scale and how to build interesting, syncopated lines from them. Check it out here: CLICK THIS TEXT!

Mask of Judas at Radar Festival!

I’m really excited to announce that my band Mask of Judas are playing RADAR Festival in Guildford, UK alongside some incredible bands including Animals as Leaders, Monuments and Toska.¬†We’ve been on the road recently, completing a weekender in January and tomorrow (As I write this, 8th Feb) we’re in Reading at the Facebar.

We have ALOT More coming up Be sure to check out the Mask of Judas Facebook Page for Future Gigs.

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