Hello World!

I have been out of touch with the website recently! I have been super busy! (which is a good thing!) I have been recording the Guitars for the debut Mask of Judas album, putting together more DVD’s with LickLibrary, doing a TV show with LickLibrary, and much much more! I have also spent a lot of time in Thailand recently, which was amazing, the food, people and atmosphere are incredible!

I have nothing major to share with you guys and girls just yet, as a lot of it is still in the pipeline. A month or so back I completed my ‘Learn to Play Paganini’s 16th Caprice’ DVD, which for some reason still hasn’t been released by LL yet, but keep an eye out, it was a really challenging bit of music to learn and perform, let alone teach!

As I write this post, it is the start of the ‘Summer Holidays’ which means I am not teaching in schools for the next month, so if you are interested in skype lessons, please get in touch ASAP, the time for lessons is NOW! 🙂

I can’t think of much else to write here, but I am sure things will come up soon as projects that I have been working on start to wrap up!

See you soon!


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