Isolation & Inspiration

First of all, I sincerely hope everyone is safe and well both physically and mentally at the moment. We can all agree that this is a truly surreal situation to be in with the Virus. The best thing we can do is keep ourselves to ourselves in the real world, however that doesn’t stop us from developing our communities online, focusing on our own skills, our own health and well being in this time of introspection. Turn off the News, look after yourself and those around you. Remember you are physically here right now, stillness, feet on the floor. That’s all there is in this moment, the biggest decision you make in your life is the one you make right now. You’ve got this, once again I hope you’re all well and safe.

Many Musicians/Entertainers are Free-Lance/Self Employed. Due to the situation, like many others I have little to no income now, after this next week I’m out at sea without a paddle in a boat with a hole in it. We’re all doing what we can to make ends meet. Whilst the situation is tough and potentially life changing for many, it is forcing some Musicians to think out of the box in terms of how they deliver their skills to others in the hope of enriching those peoples lives in this tricky time.

If you follow a Musician, or in fact know anyone who works freelance in general, reach out and support them if you’re able. Grab an album or a lesson (or few!) If you’re not able to buy their services or donate, help spread their message via Social Media. Every little helps.

As I am Fortunate enough to have Guitar/Music as a ‘Job’ I must also mention In this time (and as always!) I offer 121 Skype Guitar Lessons/Mentoring or personalised video lessons, drop me a message on my Instagram or Facebook: I have a fair amount of unique experience, I love music and I love helping people on their own paths.

You can also support me by checking out the SHOP on my Website or if you’re feeling super kind you can donate via this link:

Also, Keep an eye out on my YouTube/Facebook/Instagram as I’ll be do doing Livestreams of Lessons/Playthroughs and Q&A’s for those interested.

Take care in this time, pick up an instrument, read books, paint, exercise, mediate, learn more about yourself. Suffering can lead to Growth, Growth helps those who are Suffering. When we’re compassionate and working together, we can literally change the world for the better, no matter how small the steps we are taking.

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