January 2018: Austria, New Tune, Endorsements, Interviews and More!

A late happy new year 2018 to anyone reading this! I started the year with a bang (well actually a Guitar solo at 12:10am) with the Freddie in Concert show. I think I played about 5 notes or was it 500? Then the next day I got a nasty cold which got the better of me, however despite this, I have been having a great month so far!

St. Antons – Austria Ski Resort Gigs

After recovering from a nasty cold I was off on a plane to St. Antons Austria with my friend Rachel Hawker who is an awesome singer/songwriter, we had a residency for a week playing in a really popular local bar.  It was my first time playing Europe professionally and I really enjoyed it, everyone seems to really appreciate live music and musicians! (I even got to use my E.U adaptor on my Line6 Helix LT pedal) Rachel regularly plays as a solo artist around the E.U however this time she was kind enough to invite me along to play some Guitar. We were joined on stage at times by some locals, regular visitors (Shout out to Adrian for Congo Drums!) Rachel even had a sing off with a famous Dutch singer across the bar! I can’t remember his name… I had a great time, one day I hope to go back and do something similar.  Show Rachel some support via the link below to find out when she is next out doing her thing:


New Tune: Office Meeting Area

Here is a fun tune I have been messing around with recently, I decided to upload it to Soundcloud. Let me know what you think. I really enjoyed putting this one together. I have some other 80s/retro inspired projects in line whilst also working on my own solo recording.  And if you want to hear more I now have my two E.P’s on Spotify, Itunes and Amazon!


Endorsements, or should I say: the kind people who give me amazing support and make my job possible!

I want to give a big shout out to these companies for helping me do my job! Click the images to be taken to their lovely websites and show them some love.


And whilst I am not a Line 6 artist, the Line 6 Helix LT and the Relay G50 has made it possible for me to get my tone right everywhere I go with no issues at all!


Nick Johnston and Aaron Marshall Interview now in Guitar Interactive Magazine:

My feature on the future of Instrumental Guitar music is in the latest issue of Guitar Interactive Magazine! I had the pleasure of hanging out and interviewing Nick Johnston and Aaron Marshall. We spoke at length about songwriting, making a career from music and some other deep truths about being a touring solo musician. This is a MUST see feature for any aspiring Guitar player whether you are into Instrumental Guitar or not! Check out the feature by clicking the picture link below:


This year will be the year  the Mask of Judas debut album is released, we are VERY close to releasing the release date. Its all planned. I will be updating again during February, so keep a look out!

I am also hoping to stop by the Birmingham Guitar Show on the 25th of February, so if anyone is there, come and say hello! More info on this soon.

The rest of this month for me is lots of tech runs and rehearsals for this year’s Viva Productions shows followed by a tour through mid February, really looking forward to hitting the road again!

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