JULY 2019 has been Crazy!

BUSY! Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a while, I promise normal programming will be resumed soon! It’s all been good though, I’m very lucky to be busy! Here’s an update.

Recently I’ve completed a Musical Theatre Production, filmed a Mask of Judas play through for Ibanez UK on the new Axion range of Guitars, released a new Music Video with MOJ and completed a Weekend of shows around the UK. I’ve also been filming and writing a whole load of new review’s and columns for Guitar Interactive Magazine, which I’m looking forward to seeing in the magazine!
As I type this, I am preparing for some gigs, going back on a production show tour all in time for Radar Festival where Mask of Judas will be playing and I’ll be delivering a masterclass.

Later in August I’ll be putting together some more content for the WaterBear Onsite/Online Degree, this time focusing on Guitar Styles in time for the new cohort in September! I’m also filming a new DVD for LickLibrary breaking down my personal approach to improvisation and songwriting. I’ll also be writing some new Mask of Judas Material around this time.

Hawk Picks have recently sent me some prototype Signature Picks which I helped design. The picks are amazing, I’m really happy with how they have turned out, I hope to share more on this in the near future.

I’ve also been road testing some awesome new gear that BOSS kindly sent me, I’ve been meaning to get the content together, watch this space!

I’ve also just released a new Song with Focusrite in their latest advertising campaign for their Scarlet Interfaces (generation 3) I think I’ve pasted the link below! They did an artist profile on me too which you can watch on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Focusrite/videos/852376591806850/

Thank you everyone for the amazing support and patience! I appreciate and love you all. I’ve probably missed something, but I need to go to a rehearsal now, speak soon!

Mask of Judas Music Video for ‘Mesmerist’

New Song I wrote for Focusrite’s new Scarlet Interfaces

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