July 2020 Update: Rush ‘Moving Pictures’, LickLibrary Transcribing (Tabs) & Pop Solos Course + More!

Hey! I hope everyone is well and hanging in there at the moment. The last few months have been a time warp for many of us. Just wanted to put a quick update on the website.

First of all I’ve had a re-jig of my website & socials courtesy of my new ‘promo’ photo’s done by my good friend Liam Young. Its been a while since I’ve had some up to date photo’s done, Liam’s a lovely guy, he’s done an amazing job. check out his stuff HERE: instagram.com/low_lyt

Liam Young Photography 2020

Last month LickLibrary released my latest lesson course breaking down all the tracks on RUSH ‘Moving Pictures’ album. It was a total roast learning and teaching this course, Alex Lifeson is an incredible part writer and guitarist. I had a lot of fun putting together this course! Check it out here:

Talking of LickLibrary, I’m currently writing a new course on ‘Classic Pop Solos’ where I’m going to break down some awesome 80’s & early 90’s Rock/Pop Guitar solos. Some of these solos I should have learnt many years ago because they are amazing. Watch this space for now, its going to be a great course!

Perhaps what’s taking up most of my time at the moment is the huge task of Transcribing (TABBING) a huge bulk of LickLibrary’s Guitar Courses that don’t have TAB. Currently I’m going over the most popular courses that don’t have TAB. Currently I’ve completed Danny Gill’s amazing Absolute Beginner Series and Guitar Aerobics Series. I’ve learnt a lot myself from transcribing these great titles. This weekend I finished up Andy James’s Shred Concepts Course, and I’m about to tackle his Metal Rhythm Courses. Plus there’s a ton of great Quick Licks to get through. I’m really enjoying it, its a lot of work, but I’m super grateful to have it! Plus I get to learn from some of the industry’s best guitarists on the job! I hope the TAB’s add to the LickLibrary experience of these great courses.

I’ve also been busy populating my Patreon page with new workouts! Go check it out

And that’s about it for now! Tomorrow I head to Guitar Interactive Magazine HQ to review some awesome Boss and Ibanez Gear! And I shall keep chipping away at the new LickLibrary courses and Tab’s.

Until then, take care out there and be here now!

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