June Update: Shows, Masterclasses, Videos and More!

Things have been busy! I’m teaching at Guitar Breaks on the 22nd and 23rd of June ( https://www.guitar-breaks.com/ ) I’ve also been busy with Guitar Interactive Magazine filming a whole host of Product Demos/Reviews. I released a playthrough of my Track ‘Resistance’ which you can find a link to below. My buddy Plini sent me his new Amp Software Plugin which sounds awesome, I threw together a quick demo which is also below!

I have lots coming up, lets see… Mask of Judas are playing all over the place over the next few months, you can find out more information about tickets/venues at:


15th June – Southend
21st June – Bristol
7th July – UK Tech Fest (I won’t be there, but Reece will be!)
12th July – Reading
13th July – Leeds
14th July – London
2nd August – Radar Festival (+ Masterclass from me TBA)
20th September – Derby
21st September – Leeds

Also, I just wanted to give a big shout out to Laney. These guys make an incredible amp known as the LionHeart. I use this amp all the time, I have the studio version and the Combo 2×12. Its amazing with pedals. I had the pleasure of reviewing the 1×12 version for Guitar Interactive. And I feel its important that people get to hear this amazing amp.

Somehow in between all of this madness I am writing new Mask of Judas and solo material, learning rhythm parts for my buddy Thom Pankhurst who is a fantastic Instrumental Guitarist and I am trying to condense down Guitar parts 1 and 2 of the Broadway Musical ‘Bring it On’ for an upcoming theatre run in Brighton! I love playing Guitar! I’m also practising as much as I can, but that’s an on going thing.

I will be (when I find time!) coming up with some more lesson courses for LickLibrary. However, until then, you can still get my latest release ‘Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios’ as a DVD or stream it from the LickLibrary website. Here’s a preview!

One last thing! I really enjoy transcribing my favourite musical moments from all kinds of recordings. I love Michael Brecker’s Sax Playing. This Sax break from Cameos tune ‘Candy’ has always made my hair stand up. Have a go yourself! My transcription is below the video!

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