Legato Phrasing Course

I’m excited to present my latest Lesson Course. Legato Phrasing. This time I’ve partnered up with Riff Axelerator to give you guys a truly unique and thorough learning experience. This is perfect for those who are fairly new to the Legato Technique.

In this pack I give you a stack of soloing ideas in this Legato Phrasing pack. First you will learn each lick seperately nice and slowly and in bite sized chunks. Then they are pieced together into individual phrases. Once you have learnt all 8 phrases, you then piece them together to fit over the backing progression. At the end we have three ‘milestone’ tempos to play the licks at so you can work out where your playing is at, and where you want it to go. See the video above for more information!

If you want to check out the course, its available here (along with a free lick from the course!)

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