March 2018: MoJ Album Release/New LickLibrary DVD’s, Skype Lessons and More!

March has been a whirlwind month and April is quickly turning out the same way! I am very happy to be busy. I have been up to all kinds of musical things but the most important bit of news I have is that the new Mask of Judas album ‘The Mesmerist’ will be released on the 11th May 2018. It will be available on many platforms from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and much more. We released our Single for the album ‘The Conspirator’ on the 23rd of March and it was premiered by Metal Injection. The single is now available on most online stores. You can see the awesome music video right here!

I am so happy to finally have this album coming out, most people online know my work from my 8 string videos that showcased the more technical/progressive side of my playing. After 5 years in the works, Mask of Judas’s ‘The Mesmerist’ is all of that hard work from me and the amazing band put into one awesome package. I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Earlier in March I was invited to go back to Chichester College where I had studied music over 10 years ago now. I was invited to play a performance (available on my YouTube) and talk about my career so far to the Music Students. My Lecturer Daf Hughes also interviewed me for their Facebook. I uploaded the interview to YouTube for anyone interested:

It was fun performing to the students, there were some great questions on songwriting, guitar technique and much more. I would love to do more of this kind of thing. Here is a clip of the performance section of the class:

I have also recently hooked up with Blackstar amps, I have been using their Artist 15 amp on the road when doing soul shows with Lloyd Wade. Its a great clean amp that works amazingly with pedals. I am also really impressed with the emulated Line out, I used it in the Chichester College performance video and in the following lessons I did for the Blackstar website which you can find here:  

I did a couple of lessons on some legato lines, you can check out the first one here:

Whilst on the subject of teaching… I am also working on some new DVD’s for LickLibrary, I am currently working on a really detailed and fun course on my approach to tapping technique through arpeggios and making it musical. I can’t wait to go in and film in early April!

I am also back working for Premier Guitar Magazine, I am currently listening to a lot of Steve Lukather and Yngwie Malmsteen for this purpose. More on this soon, I love my job!

On top of all  this I will be gigging away with Lloyd Wade and Viva Productions throughout the year. I love playing these shows, I am also aiming to do more solo performances of my own material and hit the road with Mask of Judas later in the year. I would also like to mention  I have openings for Skype Students, get in touch if you’re interested! I have finished my regular teaching job now, which wasn’t expected however it has opened me up for new opportunities which I am very exited about.

Click Skype below to get in touch about Skype Lessons:


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