March Update!

Live shot from the recent Mask of Judas March 2015 tour photography

The recent Mask of Judas tour with Valis Ablaze and Taken by the Tide was a complete success! Great crows, great bands and great people! I met loads of new friends who had found Mask of Judas through my work with LickLibrary, my YouTube channel and Ibanez/Laney demos that I have done.  It really means a lot when someone enjoys what I do, so to those who came down to a show, thank you so much! 🙂

In other news, I have recently been handed a copy of the exceptionally tallented Tomaz Andzejewski’s album ‘Universum’. I was lucky enough to have him ask me to do a guest solo on the track ‘Boogie Boo’. Its an honor to be part of this amazing album, some of the other guest musicians are some of my heros: Marco Sfogli, Feodor Dosumov, Brett Garsed and Alex Argento. There’s a whole host of other amazing musicians on this album, this is a must for any instrumental guitar fan!




Over the next two months my band Mask of Judas is hitting the studio to record our Debut album, I am really excited about getting this monster recorded. It has taken ALOT of work and I am excited to get these songs out! We shall be playing these songs at UK Tech Metal festival this year! Come down, its going to be great!

I also have a whole host of work coming up with LickLibrary, I am currently learning some Paganini, which is providing a great technical challenge for me, more info soon!

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