Meeting Paul Gilbert!

paul gilbert

Recently I went to a Paul Gilbert Masterclass. This isn’t the first time I have seen or met Paul, I am a big fan of his playing and his teaching! But this time I had a little mission! I decided to take my ‘Learn to Play Paul Gilbert’ Lick Library DVD down to the Masterclass to give to Paul as a gift (not that he needs it!) but more of a gesture/token of my appreciation of his inspiration to my playing over the years!



I gave him the DVD and he seemed happy to see it, he had a big line of people waiting for him to have photos taken/get stuff signed, I didn’t wish to take up to much of his time. I hope he checks it out some day.

Here is a photo of him signing my Ibanez RG2550Z, can you see my LickLibrary DVD in the background! 🙂





signing guitar

Paul is obviously a busy guy and meets thousands of guitarists every year through his clinics and shows. But I did get a chance to Jam with him back in 2009! It was really fun, we traded riffs and he showed me and my friends some cool guitar stuff! He wrote on the back of my Intense Rock Complete DVD, I have this framed in my hallway now, and every time I get musically frustrated with my playing or writing I remind myself of that jam!

Paul Gilbert!

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