November 2018: Andertons TV, Greg Howe, Scott Henderson & Waterbear

Hello! I have finally got around to posting some updates about some of the shenanigans I’ve been up to in November for those who may find it interesting, its been a busy and productive month! Before I get started I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been supporting whatever it is that I do, its a huge honour for me! Its often hard to keep this page updated when I am out on the road or finishing up projects, I do however keep my INSTAGRAM updated fairly regularly and my Facebook of course. YouTube is a bit of a different story, but we’ll see how that goes! First up some improvisation!

And whilst we’re at it, here’s some L.E.G.A.T.O.

(You can learn lines like these in my latest tutorial: CLICK)

Andertons TV Gear Demos with Danish Pete!

I had the absolute honour of heading up the road to Andertons Music to shoot some video for their YouTube Channel with the legendary Danish Pete. Pete is an incredibly tasty¬† player and supreme Gentleman. I spent the day filming various gear demos, there are 3 videos of Pete and I on their YouTube channel (hopefully by the time I post this!) Its quite surreal to be on their set after having followed Andertons TV for so long! I wouldn’t say its my best playing, but I enjoyed letting go and having fun! I would love to go back! Thank you to Pete, Lee and the Andertons Team for having me!

Guitar Interactive Magazine: Greg Howe Interview & Scott Henderson Tech Session

I had the chance to catch up with Guitar Legend Greg Howe for a really inspiring interview for Guitar Interactive Magazine on his recent tour visit to London.  Thanks for your time Greg! This is going to be a killer interview, very inspiring discussion!

In related Fusion news, Guitar Interactive Magazine have also released my recent Scott Henderson Tech Session which you can find in the link below. It features performance video, breakdown video, TAB, Backing Track and write up. Its all free!


Waterbear Online BA Guitar Course:

Look at this Mug.

The Guitar Course at Waterbear is really coming together now, spent time in November recording more content for the online section of the course. It feels unreal to be part of such a prestigious Guitar Team. I also had the pleasure of holding a masterclass for the BA students, some great questions were asked, I played a lot of notes and some really quiet dynamic ones as well just to check people were still listening, and thankfully they were.


I am really enjoying the journey Guitar is taking me along for at the moment. Thank you Guitar and thank YOU!


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