Recording/Solo Album? and Upcoming Mask of Judas Shows

Recording with The Sirens of Titan.

I have been in the studio over the weekend recording an ‘improvised’ album with some very talented local musician friends of mine who go by the name ‘The Sirens of Titan’. We headed to a local studio called ‘The Old Chapel Studio’ which looked amazing and had such great hosts. We only had one rule whilst we were recording ‘If it takes more than one take, its not going in’…so we had to be on our A-Game! We improvised 9 long jams and then picked the best ones. After this we had one more time to pass over all of the tracks with extras like vocals and synth pads. It was an honour to work with such great musicians and I am proud of what we created. We are going in for a mixing session in early February so watch this space!

chapel studios

The music we created was very spontaneous but everyone flourished at their full potential, the sounds direct at the source are amazing and it was sounding good right out of the desk. I have to say Mike Fry and I were blown away with the tone of our Eternal Guitar’s S and T types. I have found I really love the sound of my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with Celestion Greenback (G12M?) speakers, I didn’t use much gain or over drive for the session. Just a light crunch with a bit of reverb and delay. I had my Providence Analogue Chorus Pedal and Mini Wah to play with during the take we did. Keith provided some wicked bass tones and some warm lush Analogue synth sounds with his original synths he brought along. The kit and percussion sounded amazing. Duncan Burgess and Steve Cubit provided all kinds of rhythmic sound spaces that really are the life and soul of the music we created. There is a bit of a 70s vibe to the sound as its all very real and honest, and I love that element of creating and production. Watch this space for more info on this project soon! Guitarists will love it I am sure!

mike and i



And in other news…last week I had a small surge of creative energy I now have 6 tracks towards a solo album. These are just demos, I have no idea how I am going to afford to record this all properly…and I mean properly, I don’t want to do a solo album with amp plug ins and ez drummer, as great they are as creative tools and for certain productions. I recently posted about my thoughts on being a solo artist…I still feel that way, I feel like more of a side-man than an artist…but lets see where these tracks go, if I can get another two tracks on the go then I might think about heading into a studio at some point. We shall see! Until then keep an eye out on the LickLibrary and Guitar Interactive YouTube and Facebook pages for an exclusive live performance play through of the tune ‘Carry You’. Its real, its raw and it’s me.





I have just posted another news post on this website about two shows I have coming up with Mask of Judas supporting  Sithu Aye and Galactic Empire which you can view here for tickets, dates and more info:

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