September 2018: Guitar Breaks, Rob Chapman & Waterbear, UK Guitar Show, Laney.

September has thankfully been a very busy month, plus I turned 30! I have met so many new faces over the last few weeks, I feel very lucky to get to call this a ‘job’.

Today I have just got back from the UK Guitar Show after playing on the D’addario UK booth. I had a lot of fun playing and improvising around my tunes from both my E.Ps. I bumped into some familiar faces and had a great time talking all things life and guitar. Big thank you to D’addario for their hospitality!

Here is a clip of some improvisation from the show: (thank you to Jimmy Owen for the clip!)




A few weeks earlier I was a guest tutor at Guitar Breaks in Brighton. I had the honour of teaching alongside Peter Honoré (also known as Danish Pete on the Anderton’s YT Channel) Pete is a top session player, an outstanding tasty guitarist and lovely dude. We taught throughout the day and headed over to Waterbear to hear a Guitar tone talk from the awesome Bruce Dickinson (head of Waterbear) lots of great words of wisdom. We were treated to some more tone tips from Jimmy Owen. Jimmy is a sublime player with some really beautiful and unique chops, a pleasure to listen to!  I had the pleasure of jamming with these guys and the amazing Blues player Chris Buck, tasty stuff.


Guitar breaks is a fantastic way to meet some top players and learn something new. I recommend it to all budding guitarists!



A day or so later I went back into Waterbear to film some video with Rob Chapman who is not only known for his guitar company Chapman guitars, his hit YouTube Channel and his band Dorje, he is also the head of innovation at Waterbear. I spent the day with him, session wizard David Colquhoun (Rick Wakeman, Procol Harum, hands of Brian May in the new Queen Movie!) and Bruce Dickinson, filming a clip for Robs YouTube channel which features us all playing a bit of guitar and talking about our experience with music and the new music institute Waterbear. We also check out one of Davids upside down Guitars, which are mad! Love it. It was an honour to spend the day with these guys and be part of the team putting the Technique & Theory Module together for the BA Honours Course.

If you are interested in learning at Waterbear, you can be a student or you can learn remotely, check out their website here:


I am pleased to announce that I am working with Laney Amplification as an Artist again. Its a great honour to be back as part of the amazing team! This time I am using the Lionheart series of amps which are super versatile for most gigging and studio situations, plus they work great with my Pedals, especially my Line 6 Helix LT. I am also using the Ironheart series of amps for the Metal side of things. I’m really looking forward to trying out their LFR powered cabinets too! Watch this space!


I recently put together a demo of my new Ibanez AZ2204F TAB over one of my own backing tracks doing a bit of improvisation. I had some great feedback on the clip. Even Rick Graham seemed to dig it which is a huge compliment!

And that’s it for September, I wonder what October holds. I have plenty more gigs coming up with Viva Productions and Lloyd Wade later on in the month. Plus I am heading back to Waterbear to film some more video with the guitar team this week. I have a few slots for Skype lessons going over the next two weeks plus early November, so get in now before they all go!

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