January 2020, I’m still alive!

Shredding at LickLibrary!

Its been a mad few months, I’ve been busy lecturing as Head of Guitar for WaterBear in Brighton.
I’m honoured to have this unique opportunity. I’m so grateful the I have the chance to help others on their Joureny. I know I have far to go myself. Being a Musician and playing Guitar is a beautiful thing. I’m thankful that these students are letting me help find their own way on the instrument. And I’m excited to see them progress and build upon what they all have.

Teaching First Term of WaterBear Guitarists in Brighton

Whilst Lecturing at WaterBear, i’ve been busy at LickLibrary. Over the last 3 months I’ve completed two new lesson courses. The main one being by ‘Signature Styles’ DVD which breaks down one of my own tracks, I discuss my approach to arrangement and songwriting. The Second Course I completed in December which is titled ‘Classic Albums: Rush – Moving Pictures’ which is a track by track breakdown of the classic Rush album, this will be out in a few months from now.

You can find out more about my Signature styles course in the video below, follow links in video description to get your copy!

Signature Styles Lesson course Preview

I’m also excited to announce becoming a Alder and Ash Pedalboards Artist. Rich creates some truly stunning custom bespoke pedalboard’s here in the UK. Its an honour to have him build me my very own custom Journeyman board. Look at that joining! Mega Lush Mate! My photography doesn’t do it justice at all. Thanks Rich for having me on board!

Find out more about Alder and Ash Pedal boards on their website:

My custom built Journeyman Pedalboard from Alder and Ash Pedals
Look at the Joins!

I’ve got a special show coming up in February (23rd, The Concorde Southampton) with The Connell Brothers. A group of super, SUPER tasty musicians. I’ll be a guest for this gig, playing tunes from Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, the list goes on. Its an honour to be asked to do this kind of thing with such class musicians!

Here’s what the Connell Brothers have to say:

“The Connell Brothers with full band of top class session musicians have a spectacular display of artistry for you.

The brothers are privileged to have Sam Bell appear with them tonight. Sam is making a name for himself as one of the most versatile and proficient guitarists in the UK
He is a lecturer at ‘Waterbear’ in Brighton and a sought after session guitarist endorsed by Ibanez guitars and Laney amps.
He writes lesson columns online for ‘Premier Guitar’ and ‘Guitar Interactive’ magazines as well as a handful of instructional DVD’s with ‘LickLibrary’.

Rob Phillips is lead singer with the ‘Steely Dan’ tribute band ‘Steely Scam’. His versatile vocal gifting makes him the perfect choice for ‘The Connell Brothers’.

Violinist, Alkistis Stogianni, is from the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. She has just finished her Masters in Music at Southampton University. After her moving and thrilling debut appearance with the brothers they are delighted to present her again tonight.”

Connell Brothers Gig Poster, 23rd Feb, The Concorde Eastleigh, NR Southampton

And moving on from here, who know’s whats next! I plan on doing some more LickLibrary courses in 2020, more tuition at WaterBear, I’ve got a bunch of gigs coming up with various Functions bands and Mask of Judas. Watch this space and keep safe!

To finnish of, I just want to share this amazing new clip from Paul Gilbert and JHS Pedals. Paul is my hero, this is brilliant, I hope to check out this pedal at some point!