Tech Fest Workshops/Mask of Judas UK TOUR

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks! I have been busy with the Tommy Musical which went amazingly and Mask of Judas headed up to Scotland for the amazing Les-Fest which was really fun, as you can see I had a blast.

Mask of judas (29 of 1)


Whilst Mask of Judas are working on a new album and a fresh set of new material which I am really excited about we wont be playing the amazing Tech Fest this year. HOWEVER! I shall be holding a Guitar Master Class on the Friday at 1pm on the Double Slit Stage, I will be playing a whole host of new tunes, talking about my approach to technique and writing and taking lots of questions. So if you are planning on going to Tech Fest, come along to the class!

I also have the honour of doing some guest guitar work in Derek Blakley’s  (Eumeria/Hajis Kitchen) bass workshop, which is awesome as I love the music of both bands, Derek is a beast of a bass player, his workshop takes place on the same stage on the Saturday at 1pm

I will also be partaking in the SUPER JAM which happens on the Saturday at 1:30am, which will be awesome, I will be jamming with a whole host of the words most amazing up and coming musicians, it will be a blast!

tech fest workshops


Mask of Judas will be hitting the road in August with Taken by the Tide. Are we coming anywhere near you!?

Tour poster

Hope to see you on the road soon!


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