Elemental Patterns for Improvisation: Volume 1

3 Lessons
For Beginners

Elemental Patterns for Improvisation: Volume 1

In this course I have taken 3 improvised solos, each of which is based around certain limitations and fretboard patterns. In each lesson I dissect 3 phrases from one of the solos and break them down into their core building blocks, turning them into new licks and exercises that we can take away and use for our own improvisation.

Course Overview

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For Beginners
January 9, 2024
2h 15m

A Little More About the Course

Volume One focuses on a Static Chord Groove in E Dorian. A situation many Guitar players will find themselves in. One of the challenges of playing over a static groove is keeping it interesting. It can be handy to have several options that we can focus in on whilst improvising to keep things fresh. The limitations I pick are based on contrast, another key feature of developing interest and movement, the interplay of phrases complimenting, bouncing off and changing the meaning of each other. Each lesson comes with TAB for the entire Improvised solo and TAB for the exercises that we develop during the lessons. There is also a short and extended backing track to use for your own practice.

What you'll Learn

  • How to use contrasting Limitations to develop your phrasing and improvisation
  • How to dissect licks and patterns to create more music out of them with your own voice
  • Use m7b5 and Major7th Arpeggios to highlight extensions within the key
  • Develop Outside Licks using Simple Scales and Patterns
  • Expand your Pentatonic Vocabulary
  • Sound great at the Jam Session!
Lesson One
In this solo I started with the limitation primer of “Addition & Subtraction”. The solo starts out with a melody where I add and subtract notes to develop the phrase.
About the Lesson

In this solo we’re also looking into how we can use m7b5 arpeggios over a static chord groove to highlight a little more tension into our phrasing. Using some of the core shapes we’ll look at how we can start subtracting melodies and lines from these core patterns. We’re also going to take a look at a simple and effective way of making our Pentatonic phrases sound ‘outside’.

What you'll learn
  • Using m7b5 Patterns to highlight extensions within Dorian and also to add tension.
  • Using Side Stepping to make Minor Pentatonic Lines sound Expensive!
  • How to break apart a pattern and make music from it.
Additional Materials to Download
Lesson Two
In this solo I started with the limitation primer of “Narrow vs Wide”. Which took me into the realms of moving between stepwise/chromatic ideas and wider interval patterns.
About the Lesson

In this lesson we look at adding Chromatics to Arpeggios and Scales. We also look at ways of modernising the Minor Pentatonic scale with the use of Expanded 2-1-2 patterns. Once we’ve done that, we’ll take a look at playing Diminished Patterns over a Static Chord Groove, which not only add a bit of tension to our playing but also give us a platform to develop wider interval phrases.

What you'll learn
  • How to add Chromatic notes to Scales and Arpeggios
  • Modernise the Pentatonic Scale with Contracted & Expanded 212 Patterns
  • Using Diminished Arpeggios over a static Em Chord
Additional Materials to Download
Lesson Three
In this solo I started with the limitation primer of “Staccato vs Legato”. This put me in the frame of mind to develop contrasting phrases that move between Picking all the notes vs going for smoother sound by using fretting hand legato and slides.
About the Lesson

In this lesson we dive into rhythmic control with both picking and legato, how working on both helps develop more confidence in phrasing in improvisation. We then dive into some Legato concepts using string skipping not only to create interesting sheets of sound but to further our dynamic playing within melodic ideas.

What you'll learn
  • Gaining Rhythmic Versatility with Picking & Legato
  • Creating Interesting String Skipping Legato Lines
  • Using Legato for Melodic Phrasing
Additional Materials to Download